Former Group members

Dr. Rik Bailey

My project is to study the mechanics of bacterial cells during cell division. I am jointly supervised by Prof Simon Foster, MBB.

Dr. Rebecca Savage

I studied semicrystalline polymers by scanning probe microscopy with the aim to better understand the nucleation and growth process, the packing structure, and to determine the role played by branchings, fillers and defects.

Ross Carter

My project was to combine AFM measurements of leaf cell mechanics with modelling to obtain an improved understanding of leaf morphogenesis. I was jointly supervised by Prof Andrew Fleming in Animal and Plant Sciences.


Jake Albon

My project was to use AFM to study the mechanical and adhesive properties of breast cancer cells. I was jointly supervised by Prof Nicola Brown, Oncology.

Nusrat Sajid

My project was to develop methods for maskless photolithography and to apply them to controlling neurite growth. I worked in collaboration with Prof Graham Leggett, Chemistry, and Prof John Haycock, Engineering Materials.


Elisa Laera

Elisa investigated the organisation of membrane proteins involved in bacterial photosynthesis as part of the EPSRC Programme Grant "Low Dimensional Chemistry", with Prof Graham Leggett

Dr Tim Lord

Tim has finished his PhD jointly supervised by myself, Dr Ann Terry (RAL), Dr Simon Hanna (Bristol) and Ake Kvick (ESRF).

Dr Jeremy Howard-Knight

Jez finished his PhD on "Understanding and Enhancing the Resonant Scanning VideoAFM" in 12/2008.
He is now working for Cobham Technical Services doing FEM.

Dr Bin Zhao

Jo was a postdoc in the SPM group until 01/2009 and has been working on the ‘Snomipede’ project and has developed a quartz bar sample scanner for high speed imaging.
She is now working at Infinitesima Ltd. in Oxford.



Dr Jonathan Eddleston

Jon finished his PhD on "In situ measurement on block copolymers" in 01/2009.


Dr Tsvetelin Vasilev

Cvetelin worked as a post-doc on polymer crystallization and high speed AFM. He is now working with Prof Neil Hunter in MBB, University of Sheffield.


Dr Lekshmi Kailas

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Lekshmi was a postdoc until 04/2009 in the SPM group and worked on the development of VideoAFM for in vivo imaging of biological processes.

She is now working in the electron microscopy group of Prof. Per Bullough, Sheffield.

Dr Ehtsham-ul-Haq

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Ehtsham was a post-doc for four and a half years working on the Snomipede project, building a multi-cantilever near-field lithography tool. He is now working with Steve Ebbens in Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield.

Dr Oliver Farrance

Oli did a Phd on "In-situ studies of polymer surface crystallization". He is now working with Dr David Brockwell, University of Leeds.

Dr Christa Weber

Christa did a PhD on "Structure and dynamics of supramolecular liquid crystals" and is now working with DSM, Netherlands.